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Since 2007, we have led hundreds of people like you to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


Our Mission

Exist Fitness is a boutique style Personal Training Studio in Sherwood Park , AB created in 2007 by personal trainer, Jaime Stanvick, committed to helping you learn mentally, grow physically and succeed spiritually by giving you the tools you need to live a long, healthy, active lifestyle.

We employ Sherwood Park & Area's Elite Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Group Fitness and Pilates Instructors in order to give our clients an all inclusive approach to their health.  


What We Offer:

Personal Training:

Personal Training is the most effective and efficient way to reach your fitness goal.

One on one training

Being One on One with a Personal Trainer allows them time to study your specific joint movements, your individual muscle balance/imbalances, and will be able to safely push you over your comfort line without calling you out in a group environment.
You and your trainer will make a Fitness Plan together deciding how many weeks and how many times each week you will train in order to reach your goal.

No locked in contracts. Book sessions around your schedule. $65 - $85/session.


Partner Sessions                                                                                                           

Workout with a friend, spouse, or we can pair you up.

No locked in contracts. Book sessions around your schedule. $95-$115/session.


small Group Training (3-5 people)

Please contact us here for more info.


Group Fitness Classes:

 We have made our group fitness schedule better than ever, with the same classes you have grown to love along with new classes! These classes include RIDE (45, 60, 90), Kettlebell, Reformer, and HIIT, Battle Rope, Kickboxing and more. Find our new drop in schedule HERE.

Online fitness Training with jaime 

Spend your next 12 weeks working with Jaime from your home or in a gym of your choice. The next best thing to seeing a Personal Trainer a few times is week is having unlimited access to one via phone/email/text!

You receive 12 Weeks of Daily Programmed Training and weekly email check ups!

Program Cost: $99 plus gst

Email existfitness@live.com to purchase

Registered Classes

July/August summer camp:

Registered progressive Fitness Camp running July 2nd - August 29th, 2019 programmed by Jaime Stanvick to blast fat and build muscle making sure you get through the season without the wrong type of “summer gains” = weight gain.

Exist Monthly Member = $200/month

Non-Member = $250/month

10 Punch Pass = $200

Camp Days: Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday (unlimited 4 days each week)

Camp Time: 515am - 6am and/or 8am - 845am

You can float between the times each day or do both! Spots are limited and it has sold out the last 5 years. Grab your spouse, partner, neighbor, or co-worker and register quickly!

More info? existfitness@live.com or Call/Text 780-293-2773

6 week jump start program:

Included in this package you get 5 personal one on one training sessions with a certified personal training to use in 2 weeks + 4 weeks unlimited group membership + a meal plan! Cost is just $499 and you decide your start date!

jump strength with jaime:

Early morning small group heavy strength training with the benefits of plyometric exercises to build muscle and decrease fat so you can achieve the goals you've been reaching for. All fitness levels welcome.

Camp Time: Tuesday + Thursday

6am - 7am

Class starts September 3rd, 2019 - December 19th, 2019

$575 plus GST ****Included in each registartion is a 5 Punch Pass to Exist Fitness Group Schedule each month so you reach your goals quicker!!****

More info? existfitness@live.com or Call/Text 780-293-2773

Run Development

Laura named this run club R.d because it is symbolic of the road we travel to reach our destination. Most of the time we know where we are headed and the road is smooth and clear. And sometimes we hit a bump or take a wrong turn but it is part of the journey to overcome and conquer those setbacks. R.d is here to train your body and your mind to develop your run.


R.d to Speed

This 60 minute session will be held at the track at Millennium Place, Monday mornings at 6am. We will teach your muscles to fire faster with speed work and neuromuscular drills.


R.d to POW

This class will be held at Exist Fitness, Tuesday evenings at 7:15 - 8:15pm. This conditioning class focuses on strength and power to give your run the extra oomph!


R.d to Open Air

This session will take us to the great outdoors, leaving from Exist Fitness on Saturday mornings 8am. We will feature different intervals each week and enjoy the fresh winter air. All ages and levels are welcome. Come dressed for the weather!


R.d Personalized

Laura offers training plans that are specific to your needs. During this monthly plan we will connect via email every week to assess progress and develop your run schedule.


Package Cost:

  • R.d to Open Air on Saturday mornings from Exist Fitness = $85 plus gst (1 session each week)

  • R.d to Speed + R.d to POW + R.d to Open Air = $450 plus gst (3 sessions each week)

  • R.d Personalized = $100/month



Your nutritional choices can effect every aspect of your life. From energy to mood, to weight loss or gain, to how well you feel everyday- what you choose to put in your body does matter. 

We want to help! 

Book a Nutritional Assessment today!

Call 780-293-2773 or send us an email to: existfitness@live.com



Pilates is a great way to mix up your workout routine. It compliments traditional weight training by challenging smaller muscle groups, stabilizers, and core. Our studio now offers one on one training, partner or small groups. Not sure what Pilates is all about, then book your free consult today!

Send us an email for more info: existfitness@live.com


Understand it’s better to fall as you cross the finish line, than to stand back and wonder if you could finish at all.
— Jaime Stanvick

What We've Achieved

  • Created a welcoming environment for those just starting their fitness journey and the elite athlete.

  • Assembled a team of Fitness Professionals to ensure your success.

  • Helped hundreds lose unwanted weight and gain much needed muscle tone. It's sort of a side effect of living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Made our client's journeys challenging, yet doable, fun, and enjoyable




  • We educate our clients so they have the knowledge to maintain their results.

  • Inspired clients to become personal trainers to help others like themselves.

  • Proven it doesn't matter how young or how old you are, you can reach your goals!