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Jaime stanvick




I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor, Kickboxing Instructor, Active Aging Certified and I am the Western Canada Core Cycle Pro Trainer, certifying cycle enthusiasts like myself. 

I founded Exist Fitness Personal Training in 2007. 

A good trainer will give you great workout, a great trainer will push you safely beyond the limits you have set for yourself, consciously or sub-consciously. I often hear "Right! You have high hopes!" from my clients when I'm explaining a new exercise or increasing the weight or time of a familiar one. I don't have 'high hopes', I recognize potential and with my fitness knowledge, I can safely help you achieve it! I passionately preach about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and I actively live what I preach. I have participated in the Great Canadian Death Race, completed the PowderFace Mountain Marathon, Vancouver Half Marathon, Great White North Triathlon twice, Highwood Pass Gran Fondo, and the Canmore Grand Fondo…all while raising 2 amazing, active kids!

I have worked with a variety of clients including beginners, clients needing weight loss and more muscle tone. Current members of the EPS, RCMP, Strathcona & Edmonton Emergency Personnel (fire fighter/paramedic), as well as help condition other clients to pass the demanding physical fitness tests of all 4 previous occupations listed.

We must take care of our body. It's the only vessel we have to carry us through life. Respect it. Treasure it. Love it.

You’ll find me on the Group Schedule teaching Ride 45, Kettlebell, Open Gym, and HII as well as training One on One Personal Clients and Private Small Group Training sessions.

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Cara quist


I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Crossfit Trainer (Powerlifting/Olympic Weightlifting specializations), and a Certified NCCP Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

When I finished my last year playing Junior A hockey in Sherwood Park, I was looking for something different to continue to stay active. I tried my first Crossfit class in 2013 and instantly fell in love with it. I enjoyed how the workouts constantly varied, were challenging, and most of all the awesome community of people and support you have working alongside you through the workouts.

I graduated from University of Alberta in 2016 with a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree, majoring in Sport Performance. I competed in my first Olympic weightlifting competition in January 2015, and within a year of training reached a National level weightlifting total. I then competed in the Canadian Senior National Championships in Richmond, BC for team Alberta, which I placed 3rd overall in Canada. I have participated in Sinister 7 (2018), many half marathons, and I am currently training to solo the 50 km Grizzly Ultra in Canmore this October. I am extremely passionate about being a personal trainer and helping people achieve and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

You’ll find me on the Group Schedule teaching Muscle Maker & HIIT as well running Registered Olympic Lifting & Crossfit Classes throughout the day!

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Dacia Mead

chn, CORE cycling Level 2

Hey I am Dacia! I'm a mother of 2 very active kids. I am a C.O.R.E level 2 certified instructor and have been teaching at Exist for just over 3 years. I am also a C.H.N, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and currently studying with specialization in Sport Nutrition. I have competed in many running races, marathons, triathalons but, have recently found balance in strength training, running, cycling, pilates and yoga. One thing you may not know about me is I used to be a makeup artist in Toronto that worked in the Fashion Industry with many magazines, runway shows, T.V shows and music videos - like Hedley!!

You’ll find me on the Group Schedule teaching Ride 45 and Kickboxing as well as doing One on One Nutrition Plans.


Shawn Crosby

core cycling level 2

I grew up in Kelowna, B.C., and moved here to go to the U of A where I earned my Phys. Ed degree and Elementary Ed degree. I have 2 kids, I'm a stay at home Dad, and I have been operating a day home for the past 7 years. (Planet Awesome)

I have been biking my whole life, starting with BMX racing as an 8 year old. In 2011, I started to get a lot more committed to mountain biking, I bought a new bike, and broke my neck riding Whistler bike park a week later. For 12 weeks, I could not do anything. Recovering from that injury, and getting back in shape, was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My love for cycling kept me committed to my recovery. For the past 4 years, I have ridden indoor cycling classes every winter.  I have been teaching classes at Exist Fitness since 2014 and the past 3 years, I have been racing mounting bikes for Mud, Sweat, and Gears.  This year, I focused on endurance races completing a 5 hour race, a 6 hour race, an 8 hour race ( I placed 3rd in my age category), and in July, I rode for 24 hours straight during the 24 Hours of Adrenaline in Canmore.

You’ll find me on the Group Schedule teaching Ride 45, 60, and Endurance Ride 90.


Abby Gauthier

My yoga journey began by chance 12 years ago at a little home studio class and I have been in love with it ever since. Taking my 200YTT in the Spring 2018 was a long-time dream come true. Yoga challenges not only the physical body, but also challenges the mind to stay present. As one of my favorite yoga instructors always says, “if yoga was easy, everyone would do it”. I invite you to challenge yourself on the mat. I truly believe that yoga is for everybody and every person could benefit from a regular yoga practice to enhance their physical, mental and emotional well being.

To me, this practice of yoga prepares you for life off of the mat. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my love of this practice with the Exist Fitness Community!

You’ll find me on the Group Schedule teaching Yoga Flow.

Nikki oort

What a treasure it is to be fully present. What began as a challenge for the body soon turned into a healing force in my life. Yoga has become medicine for my mind, body, and soul. It has offered a safe place to heal and a space for reconnection. To have a chance to share what it means to be fully present and how reconnecting with one’s breath can have lasting effects on and off ones mat is a dream come true.  After years of making a habit out of breath holding, to reconnect and learn the power of the breath has been soul transforming. It is continually shaping a calm mind and a constant reminder of the beauty of staying present. To see these things take place in others as well is a continuous reminder for further pursuing my own personal growth on and off the mat. 

Enjoy sharing a calm and relaxed place for others to reconnect with their own present moments. Along with laughter and love I believe being present in each moment is essential to enjoying our experiences in life on and off of our mats. 

I took my teacher training 200 RYT in the fall of 2015 with Michele Theroet, thru Empowered Yoga.  During training I also took Restorative Yoga training with Empowered Yoga. In 2017 I took Yin training with Brandon Jacobs and Heather Gazely. Allowing the body and mind time to slow down and relax is something that deeply interests me. Yin is my passion and I love sharing with others the space and tools to reconnect with ones breath, body, and mind. 

When I'm not on my mat I'm likely to have mycamera in hand.  Capturing things, people, and life in their rawest form is a huge passion of hers. I'm is a busy mom of two boys who are always on the hunt for an adventure. I cannot get enough of making others laugh and helping them embrace all those awkward moments that remind one how beautiful it is to be human.

You’ll find me on the Group Schedule teaching Yin Yoga.

josh bridger


Fitness has been a part of my life for over 10 years. I first started going to the gym when I was in High School. I wasn’t passionate about it at first, it was something I did now and then. Over the years I would have solid spurts where I would be consistent for 3-6 months sometimes a little more but then fall out of it again. I’m sure most of us can say this has happened numerous times. Even though I wasn’t always consistent, I found when I was in the gym, I would always have good results. I tend to have a natural ability and am quick learner when it comes to exercising.

For a long time, I considered Personal Training but never took the necessary steps in order to make it my Profession. Finally, after enough hardships, I decided to take the steps I needed to be a Personal Trainer. I couldn’t be more grateful for Jaime and Exist to give me the opportunity to make Personal Training a reality for me.

Fitness to me, especially now, isn’t just about having big muscles, looking good, or being able to bench 300 pounds. It’s also about conquering your demons, your inner critic, that negative voice in the back of your head. Conquering your vices like eating too much junk food, binge watching tv, or drinking alcohol to more mental struggles like anxiety, depression, ADHD, self-doubt, the list goes on..

No matter what your struggle is, it can be conquered, and I will help you with that! Fitness is no cure, but it can take you a long way. Exercise requires focus and discipline. It helps you feel better physically and mentally. And the more focused and disciplined you are, you start to notice results. And when you notice that you’re getting stronger, looking healthier, and feeling better, you start to feel even better! I talk about struggle because it’s something I’m very familiar with. The best way to battle struggle is to make positive changes, and that change starts with you!

You’ll find me on the Group Schedule teaching HIIT, Functional Training: Battle Ropes Style, and Muscle Maker.

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laura brown


I have been a personal trainer for 14 years. There's nothing quite as rewarding as embarking on a new personal adventure. I want to share the love of taking risks, embracing new challenges and making new friends in the process. Life is unexpected, so let me be the one to guide you through your fitness journey.

I graduated from the NAIT PFT diploma program in 2004. I have trained a broad spectrum of clientele. Throughout my career I have coached athletes to personal bests in triathlons, designed numerous in home programs and worked with multiple individuals with special needs. One of my personal highlights was being mentored by multiple Ironman Champion Bella Bayliss. This experience showed me how to properly gauge goal settings, maximize effort throughout my training and capitalizing on the necessary rest a person needs within a training program. Marriage and three children later, my focus and responsibilities shifted. I learned a lot about balancing family life and fitness, and slowing down to be present in the moment. Having learned how to balance work and family life I am happy to share my knowledge with others moving forward.

I am so excited to be a part of the Exist family, and to share my love of family, health and fitness!

You’ll find me doing One on One Personal Training and Private Small Group Training.

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